Hassle-Free Packages

Save Time and Money! With our new Hassle-Free Packages, we take care of all the necessary logistics involved in your diving vacation.

Many liveaboard trips, require that you'll arrive to the destination at least 1 day prior to the departure date, meaning that you need to arrange airport transportation and hotel accommodation, sometimes even domestic flight. All this in a foriegn country, that on many occasions use different language. This can take a long and precious time for you to arrange.

We often heard from divers how frustrating it could be to make all these logistic arrangements, now with our Hassle-Free packages you have less things to worry about. Using our experience and knowledge of local providors, we crafted tailored packages for each trip, so you can rest assure that we take care of everything from the moment you leave the airport until you return*, all this with just one click.

The packages are exclusive service that we offer only for customers who purchase the specific trip from us. Once you selected the trip you're interested and click on the "Book Now" button, you'll see a window with all the available Add-Ons (picture below) to the specific trip including the Hassle-Free Package (if available), Just choose the number of people that want the package click the "Add" button.

As we know that you might have different needs, whether you want to extend your stay or get a 5 Star hotel, we can customize the packages to fit your needs, just contact our amazing Dive Travel Consultant team.

At the moment we offer this service for the Galapagos Islands liveaboard trips we sell. The packages include:

  • Round-trip airfare from/to Gauyaquil-Galapagos with the relevant flight for the specific cruise
  • 2 Nights hotel accommodation (1 night before + 1 night after the trip) in Guayaquil
  • 2 Round trip Airport-Hotel trasportation in Guayaquil.

We are finalazing preparing Hassle-Free Packages in Los Cabos for liveaboard trips to Socorro Islands (Revillagigedo Archipelago), starting this coming season. The packages will be available in the next coming weeks.

If you have any specific destinations and/or trips you would like us to add these packages please contact us.

*Please note: though we take care of the logistics, you might still have to pay any fees that are not included in the package, such as Galapagos National Park fees, Tourist Card and etc', please read carefully what's included and excluded in the package. (Our team will also contact you to make sure you are prepared, and to know if you have any questions or need any further assistance)

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